Viru-CLEAN℠ disinfection service

Ask about our Viru-CLEAN℠ disinfection service to help combat the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Excelencia Cleaning crew and staff are educated and aware of the current coronavirus pandemic.

Our upscale cleaning services have always addressed disinfecting common viruses and bacteria. And we have updated our processes to include specific attention to help eliminate the coronavirus existence from the areas we clean.

While no cleaning service can guarantee 100% elimination of any virus, we offer an additional step in that direction to specifically address the known ways the coronavirus can be killed on typical household surfaces with the addition of our Viru-CLEAN℠ services, above and beyond our normal upscale cleaning services.

Our Exclusive Viru-CLEAN℠ Process Includes:

A thorough pre-cleaning surface disinfection throughout the interior, covering above, around, and behind almost every surface. Including, but not limited to: walls (up to reachable height), handles, switches, fingerprint areas, cabinets, doors, glass, floors, fixtures.

Cleaning Agents:

We use a Disinfectant Cleaner and process which covers the following:

  • Meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard for HIV. HBV & HCV
  • Kills 99.9% of Germs
  • Cleans and Deodorizes
  • Fungicide (against pathogenic fungi)
  • Virucide
  • Mildewstat (on hard inanimate surfaces)
  • Kills MRSA

It is a non-acid formulation that aggressively cleans hard surfaces with broad spectrum germ killing efficacy.

It has a light pleasing fragrance, and is safe when used on these surfaces:

  • Floors, stainless steel, plastic surfaces, shower stalls, walls, metal surfaces, glazed porcelain, chrome, bathtubs, glazed ceramic tile, laminate surfaces, countertops, and more.

Viru-CLEAN℠ is an add-on service to any of our other cleaning services for Commercial, Residential and One Time Apartment Cleaning, and Excelencia Cleaning CLUB.

We care about you and the health of your household and those you live near and work with!

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