Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
(Updated 6/25/18)

By scheduling an appointment, you agree to all of the following…

Rates & Schedule:

  • Posted rates are for cleaning projects, not based on time.
  • Time window proposed is for internal scheduling, not an hourly commitment.
  • Quotes and estimates are subject to a +/- 20% variance due to unexpected circumstances, such as, but not limited to: excessive or additional cleaning requested or required, excessive pet hair/dander, laundry, appliance cleaning, or other cleaning not covered by a specific surcharge, etc.
  • You agree to secure your residential appointment time with a non-refundable 20% credit card deposit, which will be applied to your total service charge when you keep your appointment.
  • The balance of your service fee will be due at the time service is provided and may be paid by the credit card on file, or other accepted payment method if mutually agreed in advance.
  • Payment methods accepted include: Major credit cards, cash, personal or business check.
  • If it has been more than 4 weeks since your last cleaning, we reserve the right to require and charge normal rates for our Deep Cleaning service at our discretion.
  • Upon the crew’s arrival and initial inspection of the amount of work required, and within a reasonable period of time, flat-rate quoted clients may be notified of a migration to our current hourly rate based on the flat-rate quoted amount, and at the complete and sole discretion of Excelencia Cleaning. This is typically based on our crew walking in to discover “abnormal” or “significantly excessive” cleaning requirements in order for us to provide our level of cleaning services. It will then be at your complete discretion whether or not you would like the crew to stay longer than the number of hours that make up the flat-rate quoted amount. If you have questions about this policy, please contact us any time.

Clients Paying By Credit Card

  • We will attempt to contact you at the completion of your appointment prior to running your credit card on file for charges due.
  • Without any reply communication from you within 12-hours after the conclusion of your appointment, you are giving permission to charge the payment method on file to close out any remaining balance due.
  • You will receive a receipt for any credit card charges.

Excelencia Cleaning CLUB

The “Excelencia Cleaning CLUB” (“Cleaning Club”, “club”, or “club member”) is a designation given to residential apartment clients who schedule and receive cleanings at least once monthly. Discounted rates of services are applied based on recurring services only. Residential apartment clients who do not schedule and receive recurring cleaning services at least once monthly may revert to standard (non-Club) rates.

Deep-Clean Upgrade Promotion

The “complimentary deep-clean upgrade” promotion is based on at least once monthly recurring appointments occurring. An additional $95.00 will be added to the appointment that includes the promotional services if no further appointments are made at that time, or if the subsequent appointment is not fulfilled.

Excessive Cleaning Required

We never know what we’re going to walk into on a first appointment. Everyone has their own definition of “clean”, and ours has always been an equal or higher standard than yours. That’s why you’re hiring us! If there is extra cleaning, supplies, materials, rubbish removal, etc. required for us to deliver our level of “clean”, we will discuss with you an increase to the quoted rate and you will have the option to decline the additional services presented at that time.

Initial appointment:

  • An initial cleaning is required to deep clean your home when redeeming a special offer and/or fulfilling your recurring services obligation in order for us to deliver the promotional services and/or rate.

Your service appointment deposit will be refunded if any of these occur:

  • We fail to arrive within 30 minutes of your scheduled appointment without mutual agreement of delay, and you prefer to cancel and not reschedule.
  • If you cancel via your cancellation link in the confirmation email at least 48-hours prior to your appointment time.
  • If within less than 48-hours you are unable to keep your appointment, and we speak on the the phone, and we are unable to reschedule your appointment within a reasonable amount of time, which will be determined at our sole discretion.

Reasons we may cancel your appointment without refund:

If one or more of the following situations occur, we may cancel your appointment abruptly, and/or leave without completion of work, at which time all monies will be due and payable immediately for services rendered in full, with no refunds whatsoever, including any pre-paid deposits.

Resident(s) or occupant(s) are or it is apparent they have recently been:

  • Noticeably intoxicated or under the influence of any drugs, legal or illegal, including, but not limited to prescription medication, alcohol and/or marijuana.
  • Aggressive toward cleaning staff, or aggressive toward other individuals who may or may not be on-site.
  • Taking photos, videos, or recording of cleaning staff in any format.
  • Using or displaying pornographic or inappropriate material in any format (online or offline), or speaking or acting in a sexual, or inappropriately flirtatious manner to or in the presence of cleaning staff.
  • Obtaining personal social media profile(s) or direct contact information from any Excelencia Cleaning staff, even if it is offered by staff.

Cleaning staff will determine at their sole discretion whether or not they feel safe and/or professionally respected by client or any of client’s associates or individuals client has engaged with while on-site. In cleaning staff’s sole discretion, they will contact the manager (who may also be on-site), and you will be notified in a fair and appropriate manner for the circumstance of the cancellation of your appointment. At the manager’s sole discretion, you may or may not be given an opportunity to correct the inappropriate actions or behavior. We want to work with you, but must protect our business interests and also keep our staff safe at all times.

Courtesy Cleaning Services That May Occur During Your Appointment

Certain services may occur even if you did not specifically request them, and it may appear that it is normally included in your cleaning rate, or recurring cleaning rate, but it is not. Examples of work that may occur outside of a Deep Clean Service, but is an additional cost include, but are not limited to: waiting around to complete any laundry in excess of washing bed linens being changed, interior oven and/or refrigerator cleaning, windows.

Our crews do the best they can during the cleaning time scheduled, and often do more than expected, simply as a courtesy. We want you to be impressed with each visit!


All personnel who are under the management and/or direction of, or are being compensated by Excelencia Cleaning, are prohibited from communicating with current or past customers, clients, or partners of Excelencia Cleaning outside of company provided channels (unapproved communication methods include, but not limited to: personal or direct contact phone number(s), usernames, handles, profiles, email addresses, etc.), whether actively working for Excelencia Cleaning or not, and can be cause for personnel to be terminated for doing so.

Animal Disclaimer

A nominal surcharge for “pets” (specifically, dogs and cats) will be added to your balance due. Up to two pets is currently +$25.00. If you have more than two dogs or cats, we may require an additional pet surcharge.

We cannot be held responsible or liable for your beloved pets or animals of any kind. We expect you to dispose of animal waste in an appropriate manner prior to your appointment, as we do not handle animal waste. You are responsible to secure your pet(s) during your appointment to prevent them from escaping, and also to avoid harm to our staff, your animal(s), or damage to your property, equipment, or ours.

Carpet & Flooring, Furniture cleaning Services

“Carpet”, “flooring” and “furniture” cleaning rates and services are provided by and delivered one of our referral partners and not delivered by Excelencia Cleaning. You can assume that Excelencia Cleaning may receive a financial incentive for referring you to a third-party for services. Please do you own due diligence when selecting the right company to do business with. Excelencia Cleaning is only responsible for our own cleaning services. If you have any questions, or would like to clarify anything, please contact us any time.

Privacy Policy

  • We respect and protect your privacy according to domestic and certain international law and industry standards!
  • We will only share your specific or aggregate information as needed in order to provide you with the quality of services you have requested and reasonably expect in this day and age, both online and offline.
  • Information collected may include personal contact or payment details, contact information, etc.
  • We use 3rd party tools and online services which are available upon request via email. You are subject to their respective privacy policies, terms and conditions.

If you have any concern about your privacy or anything about our services, you agree to contact us with specific details, including date and time of the concern, name(s), etc., and allow us the opportunity to make it right with you, prior to initiating any litigation or claims with any party, in any manner, for any issue whatsoever.

If anything was not as expected, give us the opportunity to correct it.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

Commercial Clients and Accounts

Additional terms and conditions apply. See your contract/proposal documentation for details, or contact us.

We provide electronic invoicing and accept business checks by mail, major credit cards, and also ACH payments for your convenience. Invoices are due no more than 30-days from the first date of service invoiced, and if not paid when due, at our sole discretion, are subject to significant late fees, penalty charges, and even daily compounding interest, all added to the unpaid balance due. These additional fees will accrue until your payment is processed, which may take an additional business day after payment is received. The best payment option is ACH or EFT payment, which is typically credited to your unpaid balance on the same business day.

Please contact us with any questions, any time!
We look forward to speaking with you.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. By continuing to use our web site, services, or scheduling an appointment will be your express agreement with all of these Terms & Conditions