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We are an upscale cleaning company, and not typically the lowest price. Our services are not for everyone.

If you value ✔ efficient ✔ quality ✔ results, Excelencia Cleaning is your company! We do an amazing job, as we clean to your standards or higher (which is typically our standards). By definition of our services, you will be happy with the results.

Excelencia Cleaning is an EOE, licensed and insured, and hire qualified people legally allowed to work in the US. Our crews speak English, and there will be at least two crew members for your job. We are fully self-contained and provide all materials and tools.

We prefer to quote flat-rate pricing, so you know exactly what to expect with your budget, and we stay until the job is done. (We are not going to low-ball you on an hourly rate, just to show up and nickel and dime you after the fact for more hours.) One-time cleaning rates are typically higher than recurring rates, because we do such a good job at the first cleaning. Recurring cleaning is maintained with our “progressive deep-clean process”.

Keep in mind, without seeing your property, our proposal is based on a sight-unseen project. You know your environment, but we never know what we’re walking into, even when someone says, “there’s not that much work” or, “it’s not that bad”. You might be surprised at the “clean” places we’ve gone in to clean. Typically it’s extra if you have a pet, loft, staircase, fancy appliances or equipment, extra square footage, extra windows/glass, or special requests.

Information needed for a commercial quote/proposal:

  • What is the project address?
  • What is the approximate square footage?
  • When do you want cleaning to begin?
  • How often do you want the recurring interval to be?
  • When can we meet you at the property?


Residential Services –
Our standard process… The bathroom(s) will be disinfected floor to ceiling, all counter top surfaces wiped and disinfected, baseboards and tops of ceiling fans dusted as well as other dusty areas. If you have extra linens, the crew will wash the dirties and make the bed hotel-style for you to come home to. We clean the interior windows, and the patio door glass inside & out. We are unable to move bulky furniture or appliances. In the kitchen we’ll clean the top of the stove (inside oven optional) and wipe down the exterior of the large appliances, clean off fingerprints from surfaces and hardware. Also thoroughly cleaning of the inside of the microwave, and we’ll vacuum and mop the floors on the way out. We are children and pet friendly. Oven or fridge interiors, and laundry requests may be extra. We welcome your special requests!

We specialize in upscale apartment communities, and offer flat-rate pricing and special rates!
One Time Apartment Cleaning
Excelencia Cleaning CLUB* (VIP rates for recurring cleaning)

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We look forward to working with you!

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